Heal from depression, process feelings of sadness and elevate low mood which cause symptoms like difficulty finding pleasure in activities, sleep issues, low motivation, fatigue, isolation, and hopelessness.


Learn how to manage anxiety, decrease your excessive worries, eliminate anxiety & panic attacks. Rewire your anxious brain and imagine living life without constantly operating in fight-flight-or-freeze.


Receive in-depth support through relationship conflict, break-ups, and/or divorce. Uncover underlying childhood attachment-abandonment issues that may have hindered you from having healthy relationships.

Kids & Teens

Through child & family sessions, kids & parents can process and resolve challenging issues such as emotional dysregulation, bullying, family conflict, low self-esteem, low academic performance, and defiance.

Eating Disorders

Increase self-esteem, and neutralize body image issues; learn how to slowly accept & love yourself, and improve your relationship with food. Eliminate the urges to restrict, binge or purge. Increase ability & motivation to empower yourself.

Couples Therapy

Improve conflict resolution skills and learn effective communication between you and your partner. Learn how to improve your friendship, and increase fondness & admiration. Enrich your relationship whether you have been together for a year to decades long.

Substance Abuse

Worried that your drinking has become excessive? Has your substance abuse spiraled out of control? Identify root causes of these behaviors and learn how to cope without the use of alcohol or substances.


Develop skills to reduce levels of physiological arousal related to stressful experiences and trauma reminders. Engage in healthy expression of emotions related to traumatic experiences and be able to regulate distressing emotions.

Stress Management

Focus on your overall emotional and psychological well-being by learning how to manage daily stressors, create a healthy work life balance, utilize positive coping skills, establish self-care routines, and build a strong support system.

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Words to Inspire

17 year old female clientdepression, body image issues, and self-harming behaviors

I've been in therapy since 8th grade, and had many challenges recovering from my mental health issues. I went to residential treatment, outpatient treatment, and the list goes on.

I met Leya my sophomore year of high school, the fall of 2018, and have been seeing her weekly. She is amazing at what she does, makes me feel safe, and helps me learn positive coping skills to manage my symptoms and behaviors. I've definitely improved and finally have hope.

married couple of 23 yearsintimacy issues, infidelity, and thoughts of divorce

My spouse and I have been married for 23 years and unfortunately were challenged by infidelity and intimacy issues. We called Leya and had a telephone consultation prior to our first couples session. Leya explained what to expect thoroughly and answered our questions and concerns. We followed the Gottman Method of couples therapy and have mended deep wounds and cultivated new dreams as a couple. Leya is knowledgeable and an expert in finding ways to stay married. We would highly recommend her for couples in distress!

39 year old male clientanxiety and work stress

I've had trouble at work feeling anxious and highly stressed with firm deadlines and projects due. I've been in therapy before so I knew some ways to manage but I started feeling like I didn't matter, and started to question my purpose. I have a higher up administrative position and have many employees to manage. Since being in therapy with Leya, I've learned ways to decrease my stress and keep my anxiety at bay. She really listens and makes you feel understood, and provides great insight. I'm happy and satisfied with our sessions.


Blog Posts

#StayMarried & Choose to Be Happy

Being in a relationship takes a lot of work — which an understatement in itself. You can improve the quality of your relationship/marriage by fine tuning your choice of words when you communicate. The Seven Principles for Making a Marriage Work by John Gottman, Ph.D. has helped many couples stay married & stay connected. Enhance Your …

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Choose Happiness

Depressed? Anxious? Stressed out and tired of feeling this way? Choose to be happy starting with these 4 coping strategies: Set positive intentions for the day:  waking up can be a drag, especially when feeling depressed.  Start your morning with positive intentions and positive thoughts; think of small goals you’d like to accomplish.  It could …

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